We Donate to SOS Children´s Villages

Toftegården Guest House donate to SOS Children´s Villages

150 million orphans in the world who need help
A total of over 15o million children worldwide have lost either or both parents. Many of the children stand alone without adult care, they are at risk of abuse, child labor, no food, no medical care.

Toftegården donates money starting from 2017 to SOS Children’s Villages
All children need a family. They need to belong to a place and a safe life. Therefore, together with my two sons Henrik and Jesper, I have decided that we will do something about it. We know it’s going to change the world, but it takes time, requires patience, endurance and resources. Therefore, we have decided starting from 2017 that part of Toftegården’s income each year will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages, to help all the children in the world who suffer. Our guests at the farm also have the opportunity to make a contribution when they visit us if they wish.

What do SOS Children’s Villages do?
At SOS Children’s Villages, it is believed that parental care is the key to a good life. They believe that all children should have the opportunity to grow up in a family that gives them love and security, whether in the child’s biological family or in a new SOS family.

The way SOS Children’s Villages help depends on the individual child’s situation.
When children are alone: Orphans, and children who for other reasons do not have adults who can take care of them, SOS Children’s Villages can help give a loving home in an SOS children’s village. Here the child grows up in a SOS family with siblings and a SOS mother. SOS Children’s Villages make sure that biological siblings can grow up in the same SOS family.

Exposed families: If the child lives in a vulnerable family for example a single parent, a grandmother or aunt, where there is a risk that the family breaks down, SOS Children’s Villages can step in and work to strengthen the family’s conditions so that the adults can promise both self and their parental responsibility. Poverty and illness are among the most common reasons parents cannot take care of their children themselves.

SOS Children’s Villages also work to get world leaders and countries to respect the rights of the child. They do this by talking to orphans and vulnerable children ‘s case against governments, authority and other authorities both nationally and internationally.

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