Rent a bike

At Toftegården Guesthouse we are always trying to make a stay with us as great as possible for our guests and also to provide extra value when we can and we have in accordance with that decided to go into a partnership with Skagen cykeludlejning in Skagen. Skagen cykeludlejning has over the years delivered very high quality bicycles and provided a first class service. This applies to both opening hours, expedition and quick assistance in unforeseen situations.

As part of our collaboration with Skagen cykeludlejning, we provide contact details and information and on this page you can find all the information you need to see which bikes you can rent, see prices, contact information and information on how to book a bike directly at Skagen cykeludlejnings website. We also answer any questions you as a guest have about how to get in touch with Skagen cykeludlejning, how to find your way to them etc.. NB: It is not possible to book bicycles directly through Toftegården Guesthouse and we cannot answer direct questions about Skagen cykeludlejning and their business, prices, delivery of bicycles etc..

Skagen cykeludlejning information and links:

Address: Sct. Laurentii Vej 24A, 9990 Skagen
Phone: +45 98 44 10 70

Reserve a bike online. Skagen cykeludlejning offers an online booking solution where you can choose bikes to rent, see prices and book directly online. The booking solution can be accessed here:

Find your way from Toftegården Guesthouse:
Skagen cykeludlejning is within short walking distance from Toftegården (is located next to Skagen train station). See the following picture to see how Toftegårdens location is in relation to Skagen cykeludlejnings location (Toftegården Guesthouse and Skagen cykeludlejning are marked in red).