Environmental policy

Toftegårdens environmental policy ``Green Stay``

You have already made an effort to protect the environment by choosing to live at Toftegården. We are constantly thinking about and working to improve the environment. Among other things. we:
• We buy our electricity from Naturenergi (wind turbines).
• We use energy-saving lighting, time control our lighting, heating and ventilation.
• We use water-saving faucets and showers.
• We sort waste bottles, cans, paper and food waste into containers.
• We change bed linen / towels after more than 3 nights.
• We only clean on departure (the guest cleans himself during the stay if necessary).
• We clean with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
• We have an agreement with a laundry that works with environmentally friendly products.
• We use organic soil and natural fertilizer in our courtyard and garden. Our summer flowers are perennials.

With this environmental thinking and work, you and I make a difference, and the stay will also be cheaper for you as a guest.