Easter in Skagen

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Why do we celebrate Easter?
Easter is a celebration in which Christians commemorate the death of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection. It is the most important Christian holiday, and the time for several other anniversaries and holidays is after Easter. This applies to Shrove Tuesday, Great Day of Prayer, Ascension Day and Pentecost.

Faith and customs at Easter:
Easter is today a Christian holiday, but in the past it was also on this occasion that popular superstition and region-specific customs were celebrated. Easter we for example a time to practice magic house rules, and in some places it was believed that one would be free from various diseases if one ate an apple on a fasting heart on Easter morning. This would, among other things, avoid illnesses such as ‘back pain’ in the coming year. The apple could also – possibly. accompanied by a snaps – help prevent the ‘cold’, ie. cold fever, or what was also called ‘Lolland disease’. Weather forecasts also belonged to Easter. Eg. it was said that ‘Maundy Thursday thaw gives many loads of hay’, or that ‘Good Friday’s bitter wetness makes many a poor child cry’. The idea was that thaw weather on Maundy Thursday heralded a good harvest, and that precipitation on Good Friday did the opposite.

It was also a widespread belief that witches were particularly active at Easter, especially on the day before Maundy Thursday. The day was called Skt. Injury evening, because it was believed that the witches went to Bloksbjerg in the Harz with the injuries, or that they went to Troms Church in Norway to hold a witch meeting. Already on Maundy Thursday, however, they were home again to go to church. Anyone who came to church on Maundy Thursday with a ‘chicken egg’ in his pocket could see which of the women were witches. A hen egg is the first egg that a hen lays.

Enough about why we celebrate Easter and about faith and custom, most of us have time off from work during the Easter days, and that the school children have a whole week off. So what to do during the Easter holidays? May we suggest that you pack the car or suitcase and take a trip up to ‘Wonderful Skagen’. Here you can relax, enjoy the beautiful nature and spring, which is soon on its way. If you are a family with children, there are plenty of activities for both young and old. Read more under ‘About us / Skagen’ and ‘Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Skagen’.