Corona information (COVID-19)

Corona information (COVID-19). Skagen September 20th 2021

Health and safety are important to us

Our most important task is to take care of our guests and each other. To minimize the risk of becoming infected with COVID 19, we have therefore introduced a number of procedures based on the recommendations of the WHO and the Danish health authorities. This means, among other things, that we have launched the following initiatives:

– We have expanded our cleaning and hygiene procedures in five steps and introduced a checklist (see under “Health and safety in relation to COVID 19”). The procedures that our cleaning staff must follow have been developed in collaboration with experts in the field, and they include use of approved disinfectants against Coronavirus, ventilation of the apartment or room, extra thorough washing and vacuuming in the places that are often affected. Our procedures also stipulate that staff do not re-enter a apartment or room once microorganisms have been cleaned and disinfected, and disinfectants are placed in each apartment or room for use by guests.

– We have self-service at Toftegården, so it automatically limits how much you get in touch with other guests and staff.

It is important to us that both guests and employees feel safe, and therefore we dynamically adapt our approach to the infection.

Health and safety in relation to COVID 19. Toftegården Guesthouse Skagen CHECKLIST
To minimize the risk of infection, we at Toftegården have expanded our cleaning and hygiene procedures in five steps. The procedures are described in a cleaning manual that we have developed in collaboration with experts in the field.
Step 1: Prepare
Proper preparation can help you and your team clean more efficiently and safely. Be sure to ventilate the unit before and during cleaning whenever possible. Use disinfectants approved for use against COVID 19. Wash or disinfect your hands.
Step 2: Clean
Cleaning is when you remove dust and the like from surfaces such as floors and countertops. Sweep, vacuum, dust and / or clean areas before disinfecting to remove microorganisms. Wash at the highest water temperature. Wipe hard surfaces with soap and water.
Step 3: Remove microorganisms
Removal of microorganisms is when you use chemicals to reduce the number of bacteria and viruses on surfaces such as door handles and remote controls. Wipe surfaces in all frequently affected areas with an approved disinfectant. Allow the disinfectant to work for the period indicated on the product label. Allow the surface to air dry.
Step 4: Check
You get access to custom checklists for cleaning based on your lookup information. Make sure to see best practices in the checklist for each room to ensure that all areas are cleaned and cleansed of microorganisms between each stay. Share these requirements with your hosting team and cleaning staff.
Step 5: Prepare
To prevent cross-contamination, it is important to finish cleaning and disinfection in each apartment or room before moving on to the next guest. Be sure to wash your hands and change gloves before changing cleaning kits, bedding and cleaning supplies for guests. Dispose of or wash cleaning products and protective equipment safely. Do not re-enter a unit after disinfection. Empty and / or clean your equipment (eg microfiber cloths) between each replacement.

We hope you are well and we look forward to seeing you again soon!